miller 2 200x300 MEI am Quita Miller.  A weird name I know…most people say they were afraid to call and ask for me because they don’t know how to pronounce it!  It’s Key-ta…now you can call me without fear:)

I am the wife of a kind and gentle man, the mom of a silly, wild and loving 8 old boy and a calm, cuddly and curious  and fiercely independent 5 year old girl.   I feel truly blessed and genuinely happy and those two little people bring a simple adventure to my everyday. I love being a mom and watching their ever-changing worlds.

LOVES: Gardening, roller coasters, hiking, sunshine, quiet days, the color green, the Bachelor (horrifying I know…guilty pleasure!) and gummy bears.

UN-LOVES: Parsnips, garbage, parking lots, Caillou (I curse you treehouse!) and rude people.

FUN FACTS ABOUT ME: I have gone skydiving 33 times, I am currently hatching a family of Praying Mantis in my yard for my kids to learn about bugs, I ran my first (and likely only) full length marathon the year before my son was born, and I have a seriously love affair with cheesy action movies.

I live in Calgary Alberta, and am offering a variety of sessions on location or in studio. My focus is on newborns and children, because I am always blown away by how fast little moments and huge milestones pass. I will always treasure the wonderful photography we invested in for our wee ones as well and the 800 million photos I have taken along this photography journey of mine.  There is something awe-inspiring about the pure un-touched perfection of newborns and the innocence and curiosity as they grow.  Those are the simple moments that I believe good photographs are made of and I would love to be a part of capturing your memories.

My images are simple and strive to capture a moment, an expression or a stage. 

If you think that we might make a good match to capture your family’s “moments”, please drop me a line.  I would be truly honored to work with you and I do put my heart into this amazing job!


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